Our fresh, locally-roasted coffee beans are guaranteed to make the best drinks in town.  Come discover your new favorite with us!

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Fresh coffee beans are the first and most important ingredient when it comes to brewing great tasting coffee.Roasting brings out the aroma and flavor that is locked inside the green coffee beans. Beans are stored green, a state in which they can be kept without loss of quality or taste. 

A green bean has none of the characteristics of a roasted bean — it’s soft and spongy to the bite and smells grassy. 


Gebeno coffee is one of the grounding places that made our community feel like home. From this little coffee shop, all the way around the world and back, they’re bringing people together in a way that communicates the heart of their culture and values. World Blend is the place where coffee and friends make the perfect blend!

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Ethiopian premium Coffee/ Single- origin / Yirgacheffe / Specialty coffee /Arabica Coffee/for him/ for her.

Ethiopian premium Coffee


Gebeno coffee is roasted right here in my northern California backyard and delivered fresh to local farmers’ markets and coffee lovers nationwide.

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